Type Region , Falled kingdom
Principal land Eriedún
Names Ardhatthónyare,Arhatónyar, Arhadan
Population 500 000

Short descriptionEdit

The Kingdom of Arhadan was a realm in western Alna, existing until...

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The original name of Arhadan was Arhatónyar (from the older Ardhatthónyare), which was simplified to Arhadan. The former is said to mean Lands to the North.


The northern border is very vague...

The most important natural features are the Lyrn Hathos in the north and lake Elenuin in the central part of the region. Regions:

Important hills:

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After the defeat by Yrkbarr, the population of Arhadan dwindled.  Most of the population is formed by the Dúnerim of Arhadan, and a small group of the original Eriedainremainsin the land. Important cities:


During the  Silver Ages, the  Dwarven clans of Firebeards and Thunderfists set up small trading bases in the area. these became a source of civilization for the coming Men. At first, the lands were populated by the Eriedain.

List of kings:

  • ...
  • Arvallor
  • Arvethir
  • The Last King.

Concept and creationEdit

The final years of Arhadan are depicted in The Doom of the Last King