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Names: Dwarves
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The Dwarves are a race of peoples shorter than Elves and Men, living in or near the mountains.



Dwarves were created by Naulir, after he saw Feamirros´pride, followed by the flight of the Ciryari from Miril. His heart was filled with despair.

He educated them in working with metals,especially iron, steel, gold,copper,silver,zarakthel and platinum.

The Seven Forefathers:Edit

  1. Dvalin
  2. Thorin Thunderaxe
  3. Thrárin
  4. Náin
  5. Duradin
  6. Zárin
  7. Báin


The Dwarves are, as already stated shorter than Men. They have long beards and are tough and are resistant to evil magic.



Dwarven infantry is a very difficult foe to battle. They wear metal armor, the elite wears zarakthel chain armor.

The light infantry is a rare unit, used mainly in times of emergency. Ocasionnally, helberdsmen are used to counter enemy cavalry,but otherwise Dwarves prefer good protection

Armed with axes, maces, swords, the Dwarven heavy infantry is the key force in the battlefield. In full armour, they are practically unbeatable. Hower, the Dwarven elite units, the famous Dragonslayers and the Silver Guard of Zirag Zigil are stationed seep in the mountain halls.

Dwarves have often learned to use missile weapons for long distances. For this case, crossbows are used in the battlefield. Also, throwing axes are used for shorter distances.


Dwarves always lacked a reliable cavalry force, with some realms having a few war chariots. The Dwarves ride ponies to travel long distances, but they do not feel comfortable fighting on horseback


Of the Free peoples, the Dwarves seem to be technically the most advanced. They keep however most of their clever inventions in their underground halls and tunnels to prevent the enemy engineers from capturing it.


Dwarven ClansEdit

Clan Forefather Major settlement
Thunderfists Dvalin Gathib Zaren
Firebeards Thorin Thunderaxe Kheled Zaram
Silverbeards Thrárin Zirag Zigil


Longbeards Duradin Nimrathran


The Dwarves resemble Tolkiens Dwarves, and also the Jews