The elves were called the Firstborn, even though they were preceeded by the Ents, the Mísifari and the Oroloiri.



The Elves were said to be awakened at a small lake by Imir. The five kings were awakened south of the lake, while the othrs were awakened elsewhere- the kings found the linyar, Finyara and Elnyar to the south of the lake and the Sinnar and Narjar to the north.


At first they were divided into five kindereds,each named after their king.

Original name Later names King Number
Minyar Ciryari Inwar 12+2
Finyar Taeldyari Feanwar 30+2
Elnyar Laenyari, Limyari Elwar 64+2
Sinyar (Sinnar) Sinwar 96+2
Naryar (Narjar) Nalwar 88+2
Queldar Inwar



The elves were immortal, but could be killed by the sharpness of iron or other sharp objects, but also by great grief. They were more beautiful than men and have pointed ears

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