Most peoples within Alna have some cults or religions.


Most Dúnerim and Elves  practice a Christian-like monotheism, honoring the Alniri and Vanir in a similar way as Christians do saints.

The Dwarves are purely monotheistic and worship Naulir as their sole God and Creator.

See also: Cult of Naulir


Polylatrism implies that a people worships a sub-set of gods exclusively but believes in the existence of other gods. They believe that other gods leave non-worshippers alone. A historical example we have might be the ancient Celts, which evidence suggests held a policy of "you worship your gods, we'll worship ours".

In Alna, the Hillmen are polyatrist.


The orcs are a shamanist people.

Dark CultsEdit

  • Goblins