Race Men
Culture Northmen
Names Thalsk, Men of Thal, Thal-folk
Homes a small area to the southeast of Thal
Total population approximately 20 000

Short descriptionEdit

The Thalsk are the native people in Thal.

Detailed descriptionEdit


The Thalsk have at first settled on the eastern shores of lake Dalsin, founding the town of Thal. Their settlements were also spread further north and west.

For more than 1000 Thal was only a small fishing village. This was to change.

For the last 300 years, the Thalsk lived relativelly peacefully. Thals previous master Radovlad brought the town to prosperity, thus centralising the people. Most of their former settlements became abandonned.


The Thalsk have dark, usually black hair.


The Thalsk never put a large importance to the number of men put in arms, which proved in Thals unreadiness to defend themselves against an Asdriag invasion.


Important individualsEdit